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Senior Appointments / Middle Management

At Endurance Recruitment we are experts in recruiting Senior & Middle Management.

We all know that senior and middle management participate in the strategic planning, daily supervision and the processes of running a business in order to achieve its objectives. Sounds simple doesn’t it but it isn’t, not if you want the very best and in order to find the best you have to understand exactly what’s required. It’s difficult to understand a role if you’ve never been in it.

Our lead Senior Appointments consultant has over 30 years recruitment experience both from a client perspective at all levels (16 years) and from a recruitment perspective from within the recruitment industry (14 years), dealing in Middle & Senior Management, Sales, Senior Administrative, Marketing, PR and Customer Services.

Prior to becoming the Endurance Recruitment lead Senior Appointments consultant, he held Managing Director and Director and Senior Management level positions within Operations, Marketing, Sales and Finance. A previous winner of the Export Award for Smaller Manufacturers he has previous experience in many Business Service Industries and Consultancies, b2b and b2c. and was in the past UK representative for one of the largest international trade consortiums and trade groupings of its kind in the world.

We provide Senior Appointments/Middle Management staff in the following disciplines across multiple industry sectors:

  • Operations
  • Customer Services
  • Procurement & Supply Chain
  • Sales
  • Marketing & Communications
  • HR
  • Accountancy

At Endurance Recruitment we recognise the type of people who will intrinsically be successful. Active, passionate people who have lots of energy and are very much involved in life are the engine room of any organisation. We seek out this strength, passion and commitment.

The people you employ at this level can make or break an organisation we like to work with companies that are happy to invest some time in making sure the brief is accurate and that we thoroughly understand it.

We have to assemble the facts and we must see the experience and the ability to do a job well but we also use our intuition. Ticking boxes is one thing but trying to find talent that will gel with an organisation and truly fulfil their potential within it can sometimes involve a little inspired thinking.

Having spent years recruiting from a management position and having moved this side of the fence it was clear that understanding the job role, the clients ‘true’ needs and the candidate’s ‘real’ self were all vital to success.

Having been client side in the recruiters position definitely gives you a great insight and years of experience of watching people react to new situations and the surprises that can occur if you go with your emotions rather than with the facts helps substantially when finding the right people.

We’ve also found that being too close to the process can make for flawed judgements. Having someone to give an objective viewpoint in the recruitment process can lead to much better results, there’s no substitute for experience!

Other areas of specialisation at Endurance Recruitment include:

  • Customer Services
  • Business Support & Administration
  • Sales & Sales Support
  • Marketing & Communications
  • HR
  • Accountancy & Finance

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