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Why Endurance?

At Endurance Recruitment we recognise the type of people who will intrinsically be successful. Active, passionate people who have lots of energy and are very much involved in life are the engine room of any organisation. We seek out this strength, passion and commitment.

The people you employ at any level can make or break an organisation, we like to work with companies that are happy to invest some time in making sure the brief is accurate and that we thoroughly understand it.

We have to assemble the facts and we must see the experience and the ability to do a job well but we also use our intuition. Ticking boxes is one thing but trying to find talent that will gel with an organisation and truly fulfil their potential within it, can sometimes involve a little inspired thinking.

Endurance Recruitment is a totally customer focused organisation, providing the best in terms of people and service, operating with the utmost integrity.

We provide candidates with the right competencies, the right experience and the right motivations and attitude.

We listen to you, we understand the job role and your needs and we deliver.


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